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50% discount: Firstly, apologies for the absolute calamity of that. I had no idea how to set up PayPal for Business. It was hell. But it’s sorted now. If you haven’t received a code from me yet (orders before today) then you weren’t charged. You can simply retry. If you’re concerned, give me a shout and I’ll sort it out. The offer will be honoured. I won’t let you down that way.

This month’s content, I’ve been sworn to secrecy on a good bit of news regarding signings, Michael O’Connor is also back as you might know if you follow him on Twitter. I’ll upload the Derry game to whet the appetite. Also, I’m hoping to get some ‘behind the scenes’ content. If that’s something you’re all interested. AND with next month approaching, we’ll have a competition with some nice give aways. It’ll be a good month. Hopefully it goes well on the pitch also.

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