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Firstly, Eoin Leane won the match programmes. I have a video but the thing uploads sideways and the hassle to get it straight is a nightmare.

Regarding the tweet. I cut the interview short because a tactic by reporters is to be the one with the “big scoop” which in fairness is their bread and butter. The questioning started off fine, asking about the result and Dundalk Tuesday but then started asking questions about Covid 19 protocols and background staff leaving which would catch anyone on the hop. So I intervened and cut it out. This happens quite regularly but it’s never an issue. It’s because the other case was looming, he wanted to be the reporter that “caught us out”. I have proof of his intentions, he sent me a big list of questions for the club to answer. Which I did. But there’s nothing for us to worry about. We’ve done everything above board and have been commended on it. Just said I’d explain to you guys in case you were wondering.

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