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Waterford FC sat down with new boss Keith Long following his appointment as the club’s new head coach.

 Here’s what Keith Long had to say in his full exclusive interview with the club.


On the opportunity…

 “It’s an opportunity that came about very quickly. The senior management team at the football club were very impressive and I got a sense of how professional these guys were and what they want from the football club.

“Waterford FC has always been a club in Irish football that has been full of history, has a proud footballing tradition, is a good footballing city and it’s a big job in League of Ireland terms.

“It’s got lots of good things as a football club; facilities, good training ground, good training base. It’s a big club with big aspirations and ambitions and that appealed to me.”

On the vision of the club…

There is a natural alignment in terms of our vision for the club. There’s no doubt we want to get promotion, I think there’s no secret and no need to shy away from that; it’s something we’ve been tasked with. I think there’s lots of other teams in the division that will be looking for that too.

“Primarily you come in and try to stamp your authority on what you want to do and how you want to play and principles of play, philosophy & ideology and try import that information as much as you can to the players and hopefully you can do that quickly because you need to start climbing the table if we possibly can and pick up some points.

“You don’t get given anything in this league. It’s something we need to understand as a club and support base that you have to earn everything that you get on the football pitch. You have to work hard, and you have to play and win the basics and the battles. If you do that well, you give yourself the platform to play.”

On the importance of the fans…

“The fans are the lifeblood of the club. The club will not exist without the community and the support of the fanbase coming through, paying their hard-earned cash. They’re going to be vital if we’re going to achieve what we all want, which is promotion at the end of the season.

“Waterford FC is a big club, with a big fan base and huge potential as a football club and we’re here to try to tap into that, and maximise that potential to get the people behind the team to identify with the team and support the team, but we have to do it on the football pitch.”


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